Release Notes

2.0 – Released September 9th 2023

 Bug Fixes and improvements:

  • Hardware support v2.3
  • Wireless communication stability improvement

How to Update your LabRadar Firmware to FWA 2.0.0, FWB 2.0.0

  • Using an SDHC card, 32 GB or less, formatted FAT32, erase the card.
    (If needed, do a quick or full format using FAT32, for Mac users, choose MS-DOS)
    • Open the firmware link FIRMWARE V2.0  – Labradar (English)
    • Open the folder FIRMWARE
    • The zip file contains 2 files: FBA.bin and FWB.bin
      (On a MAC computer you will see zippers on the files, do not open these or extract/unzip any further)


  • Copy and Paste the FWA.bin and FWB.bin files to the empty SD card
  • Insert the card into the LabRadar
  • Turn on LabRadar

Your Labradar will update automatically at startup; the display will briefly show the FWA as 2.0.0 and FWB as 2.0.0, HW: 1.3.0

(Hardware version is subject to change depending on your current device)