Can Labradar be placed downrange

Labradar is designed to set besides the shooter as it is triggered by the weapon muzzle blast. Currently it is not possible to trigger the radar at a downrange location.

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Where should my muzzle be positioned?

Ideally you should place your muzzle even with the side of the unit and between the top and bottom corners. If you have a muzzle brake you should place it a few inches in front of the radar to prevent the direct muzzle blast from impacting the unit. Be sure to set your Projectile Offset to the correct distance in the preferences menu.

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My radar triggers but I do not get a velocity reading.

When you get an error message that the projectile was not acquired it is usually due to poor alignment of the radar or muzzle blast debris interfering with the radar reflecting off of the bullet. To resolve this you can move your muzzle farther forward and farther to the side. Be sure to adjust the Projectile Offset distance when moving farther to the side. You can confirm your alignment by looking through a small diameter tube placed in the sighting notch.

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How do I use Labradar with 22 rimfire, Airguns or Suppressors?

Since there is very little muzzle blast pressure emitted from 22 rimfire, Airguns or suppressed firearms you may need to place Labradar approximately 3 inches in front of the muzzle and approximate 3 inches to the side. If your unit still will not trigger due to the low muzzle blast you can purchase the Air Gun Adapter to assist in triggering the radar.

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My Labradar will not trigger

If your Labradar will not trigger it is because it is not armed (light orange) or it is not “feeling” the muzzle blast. Unless you have a muzzle brake on your weapon your muzzle should be even with the side of the unit. This applies to handguns and rifles. Keep the Trigger Level set at 1.

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