Flashing Blue Light

The flashing blue light on your Labradar indicates the SD card is not compatible.  It must be 32GB  or less, SD or SDHC. Micro USB cards are not recommended. Do a FULL Format of the SD card using FAT 32 and try the card again.

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How do I get to the Preferences Menu?

Press the top left button if you are in the Series View. If you are in the Armed View press and hold the Armed button for 2-3 seconds and you will be taken to the Series View. You can then press the Preferences Menu button.

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How do I start a new series?

If your in the armed view, press and hold the armed button for 2-3 seconds and the Series screen will be displayed. You can now press the New Series button and confirm your desire to start a new series.

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Will LabRadar pick up shot from other shooters?

LabRadar accuracy will not be affected by other shots being fired into your radar beam. Part of the technology built into the system allows it to determine if the shot came from very near the radar unit or if it came in from another location. Since the radar tracking is only active for a fraction of a second it is nearly impossible for you to receive a velocity from another shooter nearby. Your unit also has an adjustment in it to “turn off” most gunshots that are nearby, yet allow your shot to operate the unit. In rare cases your unit may trigger on another shooters muzzle blast. If this occurs you can easily delete that shot from your data.

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Can Labradar be sold outside of the U.S.

Yes, however due to foreign government regulations units sold outside of the United States, Canada and Australia and NZ will be set to the low power setting. The accuracy of Labradar remains the same, but the ability to track the projectile will be reduced by approximately 30%. Currently all units are being sold in the US and Canada. Export sales will begin sometime in 2016.

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At what distances will LabRadar report velocities

LabRadar will report the muzzle velocity and up to five other velocities at the distances that you select in increments of one (1). You will be able to select these distances prior to shooting. You can select feet, yards, meters, etc. Velocities can also be reported in metric and standard values.

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Can the LabRadar be used with bows and crossbows?

Yes, when used in the Doppler mode the arrow acts as the trigger when it enters the radar beam. This is generally 6-10 feet downrange. It will continue to track the arrow for approximately 60 yards. When in the Trigger Mode an adapter can be used on the bow to communicate with LabRadar. The adapter will trigger the radar in the release of the arrow.

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